Free Unity Assets

Unity 2D Action Platformer Kit
Unity 2D Infinite Runner Kit
Unity 2D Action RPG Kit
Unity 2D Sidescroller Kit
Unity Drag and Drop Pause Menu Tool
Unity 2D Space Shooter Kit
Unity Gui Rescaler Tool

About Our Unity Assets

All of our Unity Assets are available for free. We are only able to provide support for anyone that has purchased our assets through the Unity Asset Store. Email us or fill out the contact form with the order number included.

Our Unity Assets give you everything you need to speed up game development in Unity. Each tool features a specific function that gives you the perfect template to build off of. We build them to fully support both desktop and mobile platforms. Everything is built into Unity's editor, so there are no hidden features that you can't access.

Unity Assets Features

  • Mobile (iOS and Android) and Desktop ready projects
  • Annotated scripts that are simple and customizable
  • Example assets for characters and environments
  • Example music and sound effects
  • Simplified save systems
  • Fully functional GUI menus
  • Fully animated 8-bit/16-bit inspired characters and enemies
  • Simplified scoring systems
  • 100% compatible with Unity free