Coming Soon – 2D Action Platformer Starter Kit

Unity 2D Action Platformer Kit

Our newest starter kit has been submitted to the Unity asset store! We enjoyed working on this kit because we grew up playing classic action shooters for NES. This kit provides all the basics needed to begin working on your own 2D action platformer. We hope that our kits inspire new Unity users to begin developing their own games, as well as show experienced users other genres of games that are possible to make within Unity.

Below are some basic features that are in our 2D Action Platformer:

Mobile (iOS and Android) and Desktop ready project
20 Annotated scripts that are simple and customizable
Example environment assets
Example music and sound effects
Simplified save system
Fully animated 8bit inspired character and enemies
3 example enemies
3 example levels varying in difficulty
Simple enemy AI
Simple weapon upgrade system
Simple save system
100% compatible with Unity3D free

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for new products you would like to see! If you have any questions or concerns please let us know by visiting our contact page.