Back in Action!

Hey guys! We are back with a complete redesign of our site. We wanted our site to have a more welcoming feel and to feature our newest Unity endeavor: Unity game starter Kits. Unity provides developers with the option to purchase assets for the Unity asset store. The store is full of products that greatly benefit users who want to speed up game development. Getting started in game development isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and we hope that by providing our starter kits on the store we can make the initial jump into development much smoother.

Unity 2D Sidescroller Kit

Unity 2D Space Shooter Kit

Currently we have two starter kits released on the Unity Asset Store. The first one is the 2D Sidescroller Starter kit, and the second is the 2D Space Shooter Starter Kit. Each of these kits gives you all the basic things you need to begin developing. We want our kits to provide new and experienced users with a foundation that they can use to begin building their own game. We currently have several more starter kits in development that we are excited to release!

2D Action Platformer Kit Screenshot

Our next kit that we hope to release very soon is our 2D Action Platformer Starter Kit. This kit gives you a basic skeleton to create a game that mirrors classic NES games such as Mega Man.