2D Action RPG Starter Kit

  • Compatible with Unity 4
  • Mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop ready project
  • 35 simplified and customizable annotated scripts
  • Example graphic assets for character and environment
  • Fully functional talking NPCs
  • Purchasable items system
  • Scene change system
  • Example music and sound effects
  • Simplified save system
  • Fully functional GUI and menus
  • Fully animated 16-bit inspired characters and enemies
  • 3 example enemies
  • 3 example weapons
  • Simplified enemy AI
  • Simplified inventory system

This kit gives you everything you need to start making your own epic 2D Action RPG. This kit includes an example town area, as well as a monster area that is common in many RPGs. NPC movement can be changed as well as the text that appears when interacting with one. A combat system is also included that allows for the player to access weapons from an inventory menu for quick weapon changes.